Monday, April 13, 2009


Last week I taught my first "real" class at Yoga Ah. I say "real" because I had already taught one class there during my training, but at that time I was being observed by my teacher and hadn't received my certification yet. This time it felt official.

Just me and the students.

I was terrified.

Sweaty palms. Heart racing. Fight or flight response definitely kicking in.

Rather than focusing on my silly blunders here (I said reach for your big FEET instead of big toe and got some chuckles), I am choosing to share with you some important lessons from this first class experience. My very wise friends have steered the all-too-convincing negativity of the gremlin on my shoulder to a healthier and more self-compassionate direction. Here are their simple--but powerful-- suggestions:

*Be yourself!
*Teach what you know (and you know more than you think you know): it doesn't have to be complicated. Less is more. Creativity will come with time.
*It will become less robotic-feeling and more natural with time.
*Have FUN and enjoy yourself.
*Be kind to yourself.

What lessons have you learned from your "firsts"?

Choose to love yourself, even when it's hard...
...especially when it's hard.


  1. As you know, I was wondering how the first official class went, thanks for sharing. Congratulations for quieting your gremlin and loving yourself, ESPECIALLY when it's hard. I will take this sentiment with me to my next Pilates client/ class. Looking forward to future entries...

  2. Wonderful post and congratulations on your first "real" class. You are so dedicated and have such wonderful insights I bet your class was awesome and the students loved it.

  3. Thanks for all the love, ladies! I treasure your kind words...