Wednesday, January 14, 2009


One of the most important things you can do to change your life for the better is to be grateful. Even if what you WANT isn't what you actually HAVE in your life right now, accept what you have and be grateful for it. "An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities" (yogi tea bag tag). Shifting your thoughts from negative to positive will automatically bring more positive things into your life.

First thing's first: when you wake up in the morning, make your first thought be THANK YOU. And then right after you think it, say it OUT LOUD. Every day. Think about how awesome your day is going to be- the best day of your life! As you take your shower or brush your teeth, bless every part of your body and thank them for being an important part of the whole. Bless the meals that nourish your body- chew slowly- think about all the people that worked to grow your food, transport it to the store, put it on the shelves, cook it- and thank them all. Don't forget to thank yourSELF! You are allowed to give yourself props and pat yourself on the back whenever you feel it's appropriate.

Quote from a new favorite book Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Life's Desires" by Elizabeth Harper:
"What if you were thanked for everything you did? As soon as you leave the house, the mailman thanks you for having mail, the bus driver thanks you for getting onto his bus, the person you sit next to thanks you for sharing your energy with them, the waiter thanks you for allowing him to serve you, the shop assistant thanks you, your boss thanks you, everyone you work with thanks you, and so on. Take this a step further and imagine that all inanimate objects also appreciated your presence. The radio you turn on in the morning, the chairs, tables, the fridge, sink, the car...if everything in your life thanked you for just being there, imagine the elation, imagine how wonderful you would feel to be alive. This is exactly how the universe or the energetic vibrations of your environment respond when you appreciate everything in your life." (p109)

There's so much beauty in this world, and *I* am grateful for the opportunity to grow and bloom amongst all the colors and textures and curves and melodies. I invite you to reflect on the beauty in your own world and whisper a soft thank you. Or stand on the roof of a very tall building and shout your gratitude at the top of your lungs! Just remember to appreciate this moment- here and now!

What are you most thankful for?

Choose love.

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  1. :)

    To reference a Cheryl Crow song: "It's not having what you want- it's wanting what you've got." A philosophy that I try to live by. It's so important to realize that there is a bright side to everything, and the more focus your head to think that way, the easier it becomes to see.