Friday, January 30, 2009


We are bombarded on a daily basis with conflicting messages from "experts". Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I just want to scream!

Eat organic.
Pesticides don't really hurt you at all.
Pasta will make you gain weight- avoid it!
Carbohydrates are part of a balanced diet.
Vaccinations can lead to autism.
Vaccines are not the cause of children developing autism.
Don't spend too much time in the sun or you'll get cancer.
Your body needs vitamin D, which it can only get from sunlight.
The chance of divorce is higher if you live together before marriage.
Living together before tying the knot makes your marriage stronger.

What evidence can we really trust? It seems that there are always statistics supporting BOTH sides. I've studied a little bit of Feng Shui (the placement of your "stuff" to help create balance in your life), and I've learned something really important from this ancient tradition. There are many different branches of Feng Shui, and some of their practices contradict each other. But we all know instinctively when a room doesn't "feel" right. TRUST YOUR INTUITION. Do what's right for YOU! As the cliched saying goes: if your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you jump with them? Educate yourself before making important decisions. Read differing views on things you're curious about. Soak up all the information you can like a sponge and become an informed decision-maker. After all, you have all the answers you need deep inside just have to learn to listen.

How can you start trusting YOURSELF more?

Choose love,

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  1. It is true that conflicting messages exist, but I have a methodology for sorting it out -- follow the money. Look carefully at who is funding the information and what their motivation might be. Often it is difficult to see where funding is actually coming from and we are left to only look to motivation.

    Don't believe that ANY chemical is safe. The poison is no longer in the dose, as our 'total body burden' is an accumulation of hundreds of chemicals in small doses that add up to major poisonings. We no longer have safe air or water, making it harder for all of us to stay healthy. This leads to people 'trusting the medical system' even more, thus compounding the problem, dealing with symptoms over solving real problems.

    My take on all this is to only eat what God made - no chemicals, no additives, no processed sugars, no partial foods (white flour, sugar derivatives...) and no concentrated sugars such as undiluted fruit juice. 50% vegetables is a good base for any diet.

    I totally agree that we must know to trust our intuition. We must also know who we cannot trust. If a company makes some products with MSG and some without, do you really think they are committed to your health? I personally will not buy any product from a company that makes toxic products. People don't know these things.
    Crest Tartar Control Toothpaste and Ajax Cleaner are two of the 'Top 12 cancer-causing products' according to the National Cancer Prevention Coalition. Sadly, most people have no idea their toothpaste caused their breast cancer. And what right does any company have to sell a product that harms? If they sell that kind of product, do not trust any product in their company because obviously they don't care about you, your children, or the earth at all.