Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am currently in the process of taking a life-changing yoga teacher training at Yoga Ah.
Here's why (written 8-9-08) :

I had a dream where I envisioned a creative space where adults could play without fear or judgment. This dream became a reality when I walked into my first yoga classroom. And now, four years later, I have a dedicated and regular home practice, which feels amazing. Right after I get out of bed each morning I practice a 30 minute vinyasa combination to wake up my muscles, center myself, and give me energy for the day. After I get home from work my apartment is usually sweltering hot, so I practice Bikram yoga for one hour (about 3-4 times a week). And I come to the vinyasa class at Yoga Ah on Saturday mornings about once or twice a month. I had an "ah-ha!" moment about a month ago when I realized that I COULD become a yoga teacher. The little gremlin on my shoulder that's been telling me I don't have what it takes was suddenly swept aside by a deeper desire and longing to share my love of yoga with others. Teaching yoga would be in perfect alignment with my life purpose: I inspire others to live their joy by teaching balance through holistic health. My recipe for a successful life incorporates safely caring for mind, body, and spirit by practicing yoga, honoring my roots/heritage/family, incorporating magic/fun/laughter into every single day, nurturing Mother Earth, reading lots of good books, simplifying, and expressing gratitude. When I think back, my favorite work experiences have been those when I am given the opportunity to mentor and train new employees on processes, procedures, and skills. I love sharing with others things that I am really good at. My home practice has raised my confidence and made me even more comfortable in my own skin. My friends have been noticing how much more energized and healthy I seem lately, and they are all eager for me to teach them yoga, so they can reap the benefits as well. I am a healer, writer, organizer, artist, singer, photographer…and soon I will be a certified yoga teacher!

What's YOUR life purpose?

Choose love.

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