Friday, January 16, 2009


One of our assignments in teacher training was to: LIVE IN THE QUESTION. I love this phrase! It reminds us to be curious and reinforces the importance of observation. A related pooh-ism from owl: "just when a fellow thinks he knows all the right answers, somebody has to come along with all the wrong questions!" It's kind of a relief to know that no matter how smart we are or how much we study or learn, we won't always know the answers. And sometimes it's as simple as the fact that there is no answer at all. It's important to be compassionate with ourselves or others when there doesn't seem to be an answer.

"We're searching for the answers so we can destroy them and dream up better questions." --Rob Brezsny

How are you living in the question today?

Choose luv.

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  1. Hi YogaGracie!
    Amber just sent me to your blog. I love the yoga at Yoga Ah! Studio also. You will learn so much by training with Amber. Good luck with the teacher training. Becoming a yoga teacher was one of the best things I ever did.